Dear visitors.

Welcome to the website of the Reformed Church in Bidovce. We are very happy to provide you with various information about the operation and various events of our church congregation.

A brief history of the church.

The reformed church in Bidovce founded in 1560. The church, which is the main landmark of the village, was built in 1793 thanks to the then landowner Count František Szerencsi and his wife Countess Barbora Barczai. The Barczai family donated their coat of arms to the church in memory.

Our goal.

Every organization in this world has a goal that would like to achieve something. Our goal is to be a living community that will serve and help people to know about our loving Triune God.

Regular Events

Services in Slovak language – 09:00
Services in Hungarian – 10:00

Hungarian language lesson – 16:00
Bible lesson in Slovak language – 18:00

Confirmatory preparation – 15:00
Youth for adolescents – 16:00